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Myspace symbol codes & character codes

Are you looking for Facebook Symbols, Twitter Symbols, Myspace Symbols, and character codes?

Here's THE complete list! Plus some other cool bonus stuff!

Pro Tip! Hold CTRL+Mouse Wheel Scroll to quickly zoom in and see the symbols much larger. CTRL+D to bookmark this page as a great myspace symbols (or facebook symbols) reference!
It's also a great place to send your friends for their "myspace symbols" and "Facebook Symbols"!

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Are You Seeing FaceBook As The FaceBook Designers Intended You To See It?

The FaceBook Web Designers have a certain look to their website that they'd prefer you see it as. This is an extremely quick & easy way to make sure you're seeing it that way too, because chances are you aren't already.

It's a simple matter of installing the font they designed FaceBook in on your own computer so the pages are rendered using it. Here's how to do it:

  • Download the correct font Here
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What is the name of the B&N Nook Font?

hi everyone, I'd like to know what is the font name used on the Barnes & Noble Nook? Not the fonts that can be switched between on the Nook, but the actual B&N font they use for the logo as an example? The one with the N that looks like an upside-down U. Like in this pic.

Barnes and Noble Nook
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How To Validate Fonts On A Mac

When fonts go bad or corrupt on your Mac they can cause all sorts of problems like shutting down your graphics program when you select that particular font.

All Mac's come equipped with an application called Font Book. To find out which fonts are good and which ones are bad we can run the validation option available in Font Book.

To find Font Book, open up your Applications folder, find Font Book and double click to open it.

The Font Book lists all the fonts that are installed on your Mac.

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ALL CAPS emails lead to woman's firing

Vicki Walker an employee of New Zealand's ProCare Health was fired for using ALL CAPS IN HER EMAILS. Vicki sued for wrongful termination and won the case. Apparently she had sent emails to fellow workers with instructions on how to fill out forms, and had used a combination of bold, red and all caps fonts.

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WHAT is the name of that font??

So you see a font that you want to use in something, be it in an image in photoshop, or you want to use it in Word, whatever ... but have NO idea what the name of it is, so that you can download and install it on your system?

I found a great site that has an 'automatic' font identification system, that you link to or upload a sample image with the font in it, and an expert there will try and identify the font name for you. Even if it's a custom font that may have started out from another font, they do a great job identifying it.

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How to change Font Color, Size, Font Style, or Background in Gmail

Must use rich text format on toolbar

  • Above Message Composition "Rich Formatting" you will need to click it to change to Rich Text Format
  • Highlight text to be changed
  • Choose Font button for a selection of font styles
  • Choose Size button for a font size, from x-small to x-large
  • Choose Text Color to select color
  • Choose Highlight to change background color
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