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Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus (G+) - Your Rights May Be Affected

Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus (G+) - Your Rights May Be Affected


You are not being sued. This notice affects your rights. Please read it carefully. (GeekDrop Note: this is the notice that was emailed to us)

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Warning! Do not use PureVPN! No Longer Secure!

PureVPN Warning - Insecure and Unsafe


As of today, 8/3/2020 PureVPN has sent out an announcement to it's affiliates that it is currently not safe to use, as it can no longer guarantee your privacy. Here are the important parts of their letter:


Dear Partner,

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View All Shared Folders on my Computer as a List? - [SOLVED]

Hi everyone. Is there a way to see ALL folders that I have shared on my computer? I'm afraid I might have some shared folders that I'm unaware of that might expose personal information. Financial info and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance

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How to Install & Uninstall the Privoxy Windows Service - Tutorial for Beginners

I was helping out one of our forum poster's who was trying to get his Privoxy running as a Windows service, but ran into trouble, so I figured I'd whip up a quick video tutorial while I was at it.

It's a fairly simple process, and "shouldn't" cause too much trouble. If anyone has any other tips / tricks / additions, please post! Smile

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How to Hide Facebook Friends List or Change it's Privacy Settings? - Solved

how i hide my [Facebook] friend list to others like my Friends and public?

Thanks in Advance

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How to hide posts from sites from my friends so only I see them, they can get annoying to them I am sure.

I have posts that I am sure my friends don't want to see, how can I still get them but be the only one to see them.

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can I hide my new like pages so only I can see these posts, eg. crochet page

I have some likes for example "Crochet World" (not a real one) so only I can see when they post so my friends don't get annoyed by all the posts that come up.

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How To See Who Downvoted You On Stackoverflow?

Is there any way to view who has down voted your question or comment on StackOverflow? I asked a normal question and got a couple of anonymous negative votes. I'd like to find out who they are and return the favor. Devil

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How can I "hide" from someone on Facebook without having to block or unfriend them?

So, I have this Facebook friend on my friends list who I do like, but don't want to converse with as much as this person wants to, but I don't want to be rude or mean by directly telling them to ease up a bit. When I make a status post I have this person added to the "hide" area of the custom list of who can see them or not so that they don't see any of my status posting activity.

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Block someone from texting me?

Does anyone know how to block someone from texting you? My daughter has some little punk harassing her, sending hundreds of the same text repeatedly. She was able to block calls but not texts?

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