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Examples of what trackers show

I know there is alot of ppl out there that really wonder what does a tracker really show? So I thought it would be good to do a thread and only post examples of what each tracker shows. So with that I have 3 different trackers and I will post what they actually show - real examples. Of what they show and if they take you to a site that gives you additional information.

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How to Block Trackers

Blocking Myspace (and all) trackers is quite simple.

Ever get that feeling that you're being tracked by profiles or pages that you visit? You don't want whoever's myspace profile that you're looking at to know that you're stalking them, right? Not only Myspace, but MANY sites on the internet use trackers. This will tell you in a very easy way, how to stop them from tracking you! As an added plus, it will also block most ads on the internet from showing on your screen. Can't beat that, right?

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UPS, FEDEX & USPS To Add GPS Tracking To Each Vehicle For Customers To Track Exactly Where Their Package Is

Not really, but one can dream, right? Day Dreaming

Where the $%#* is my package?!

UPS FEDEX USPS GPS Tracking Packages Location
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How do I block my own IP from showing in Google Analytics?

I just started up a personal blog and added Google Analytics stats tracking code to it but it's showing all of my own traffic while I'm putting it all together and it's confusing me, can anyone tell me if I can stop having Google Analytics show my own traffic in the statistics? Hide my own IP address or something? Thanks!

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How do i see who viewed my facebook Ive been everyway tryna figure this out

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Can I Track IP Addresses With My Google Analytics?

Hello everyone, I'm using Google Analytics on my blog but can't find any reports in my stats showing my visitor's IP's anywhere, is there some way to view them?


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How can I get someones email address..

Is there any way that I can find someones email address? because my friend I think he erased his facebook account. and I need his email. please help is there any way I can get it. without these websites like spokeo or those sites that made a business out of it.

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Facebook tracker for macs

Does Anyone know if there is a Facebook tracker that can be used on a Mac? thanks

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Who visits my Twitter page? Is there a tracker for Twitter?

I've been hearing that there are trackers that will tell who is visiting my Twitter profile, shows their IP Address and profile picture plus other details, Can someone tell me how to install a twitter tracker on my twitter profile? TIA!

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