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Easy Guild Link


The URL to get to this specific forum is rather long, so here's an easy link to remember or send to others, to get to this forum:

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SWTOR: The GeekDrop Sith Guild Has Opened

GeekDrop officially has a Sith guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The guild name is "Vile". Muahahahahaha!

Feel free to apply! Clicky

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How to get a free name change in SWTOR

Sometimes while making a character we might screw up, or even the game screws up, and you hate the name you've ended up with...

So how do we do a free name change in SWTOR?

  1. Well the first thing to do, is go ahead and make a free trial account. This prep work is necessary to guarantee the name change. Simply refer yourself a free-trial key, to a separate email address. You can use a mailinator or even a gmail account, which-ever floats your boat.

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I threw up a quick post last night on the forums looking for a guild. Got a bunch of hit's from guilds.
Maybe we should check a few out. Be kind of fun to play with a guild that is doing stuff. If it turns out to suck we can just bail and move on. Easier then trying to do it on our own. What ya think?

We could alway's make our own guild for alts.
SWTOR Guild Thread

Dethfist seems like it could be cool. They have a good website at least.

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SWTOR Graphics Problems after the last Patch

Sooo I got back last night and ran the launcher, it ran some updates, tried to login and it's doing all kinda funky ish on my computer. Alot of graphics flashing, popping back and forth between the desktop (while still having the game cursor) and game, mostly.

I haven't dug into the SWTOR forums or anything yet to see if there's any info on it, but I did update to the latest NvidiaNvidia drivers, which didn't change anything.

You guys heard of anything like this to others yet? Might save me some time diggin for an answer.

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Server Transfers coming next week!

They are finally going to start the first round of server transfers next week it looks like. We should make sure we all choose the same destination server when we know what those options may be. And we also should make sure we trasfer as soon as we can. You never know when the window could close and then your stuck.

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Complete High Res List (Catalog) of All SWTOR speeders

Speeder bikes and where to get 'em.

Someone took the time to catalog all the speeder bikes in game and where to get them complete with full pics. Very nice indeed. Complete High Res Catalog of All SWTOR speeders

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2nd try at Darth Malgus (False Emporer Flashpoint)

Hey this Friday you guy's want to try doing false emperor again? Nelia told me he would be willing to do it with us if we get a deicent start time. 10:30 - 11:00 is a bit late for him.
I can probably be online around 9 this friday so if you guy's want to try and plan to play and get started right away on the flash point let's do it! I can't stay up until 5 am this friday! I have a bachelor party down town Saturday night and then Sunday I have to fly out to Pitsburg for the week so got to get to bed sometime!

Here is a deceint guide but there are otheres.

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OK it's gonna happen. I'm going to hit 50 tomorrow night! So we should try and plan a FP or something for Friday night?

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Other MMOs?

Ok I noticed the forum for SWTOR. Just wondering if gamers from other MMOs frequent this area?

Me personally, I'm an Aion addict and relatively new to MMOs. ^_^


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