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Apple iTunes AppStore Keeps Asking for / Won't Remember My Password!

Every time I try to update an app from the Apple Appstore in my iPad it asks me to enter my Appstore password and it's extremely annoying! Angry Frustrated Is there some way to have it remember my password so that I don't need to keep entering it?

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Apple iTunes App Store keeps forgetting my password!

I just got a new iPad and even though I've already entered my email and password many times, every time I try to update an app in the app store it keeps telling me to re-enter my password! I use really complicated passwords so this sucks! Is there some way to get it to asking me??

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So, Who has iOS5 now, and had some time to play around with it?

I've heard round the campfire that iOS5 has been released, and there were some troubles with installations, etc., anyone get it installed and got to use it at all yet? I'm curious to know if it held up to all the hoopla and hubbub? Cool new features? Improvements in old ones, and such?

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Texting on an iPad - Yes You Can!

Yes you can send and receive text messages on your iPad, for free, using one of the apps listed below!

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iPad Emulator

iPad Emulator

I stumbled upon this iPad emulator website that looks like a cool tool for webmasters. You enter in some URL and it loads it and displays what it looks like on a real iPad. I would suspect that it is just an image framed of the iPad with the resolution set to whatever the iPads is (I'm not sure what resolution the iPad actually uses?) but for anyone who doesn't have one I could see how this could be very useful.

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Arrange Icons Alphabetically on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - How To

How to Alphabetically Arrange Icons on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


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How To ReOrder iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

How To Move and Re- Order iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

Move and Re- Order iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

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For all the iPad lovers - enjoy!

Great job!

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Are You Ugly? There's An App For That!

Are You Ugly? There's An App For That!

Want to know if you, or your friends are butt arse ugly? Need to know if your beer goggles are working overtime before you take that person home from the bar? Got a cocky friend who thinks they're the hottest thing to ever grace the planet Earth?


Grab a copy of the iPhone app named "Ugly Meter Pro" ...


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