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Facebook Viral Trends

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Pedophile Group on Facebook

Pedophile Group on Facebook: "Becoming a Father or Mother was the Greatest Gift of My Life"

There's a slew of Facebook status posts trending right now that say there is a Facebook group named "Becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life" and not to join it because it is actually being administered by a group of pedophiles who want to be able to access your photo albums, with photos of children in them. the rumor even goes on often times to say that it was even reported on Fox News.

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Facebook IS Going to Start Charging It's Users!


If you fell for this you should seriously be ashamed of yourself! Shame On You And if you are one of the thousands of people who posted this on your status, you should be taken out behind the water shed and spanked with a fish. Wink

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Facebook List of Fun Tag Statuses to Add to Yours!


Lately there's been a lot of these fun "Status Tag Lists" going around, and I'll admit, they're fun!! Here are the one's that I've seen SO far, feel free to add them to your Facebook statuses too. If you do, please be kind enough to click the Like button on this page Smile


And if you know of more or see more, or think of your own, please add them in a comment so we can have a huge list of great ones!

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FaceBook Viral Trend: Inches - Measurments in Statuses, Means?

Seeing Inches or Measurements in Facebook statuses and wondering what it means?

This is a Facebook viral trend in direct response to the Fruit on Statuses viral trend. Have a look at the exact email being forwarded around.

FaceBook Message wrote:


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FaceBook Viral Trend: Fruit As Your Status - What Does It Mean?

Fruit On Facebook Statuses? Here's what it means ...

This isn't a new Facebook viral trend by any means, it' goes back to at least 2008, but these viral trends tend to reoccur periodically, like any real virus, Laughing. So if you'v ebeen seeing people (especially girls) posting nothing but some fruit name as their Facebook status, here's the viral email going around:

FaceBook Message wrote:

There is something new to the list! ( AGAIN ! ) Big Grin :D
This is meant for “GIRLS” only.
Do not pass on to boys Smile :) Let them roam wondering Big Grin :D

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Facebook Viral Trend: Husband / Wife Week


Husband and Wife week--If your spouse is your best friend, who works hard for you, who has been with you through thick and thin, who loves you when you're at your worst, and whom you are PROUD to be married to, copy and paste this with the date you were married - xx/xx/xx

As of 01/25/2011, the Husband & Wife Week Facebook trend has begun. The above quote was taken directly from current Facebook statuses. Feel free to copy / paste it to yours. the xx's at the end represent the date you were married.

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Facebook Viral Trend: "From Facebook": Post This Status Message Within 2 Weeks or We Will Delete Your Account

"Post This Status Message Within 2 Weeks or Facebook Will Delete You"


This is from facebook..There are many complaints that Facebook has become unacceptably slow. The report shows that Facebook has a number of inactive members. They want us to re-post this message to see who are active and who are not. If you don't post this message within will be removed in order to get more space. Post this on your wall to show that you are active in the facebook

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Facebook & Twitter Viral Trend: The Number Game

The Number Game

Hot on the tail of the "Change your profile picture to a cartoon character to fight child abuse" Facebook game is the "Numbers Game".

Facebook viral trend number game twitter

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Facebook Viral Trend: Group of Pedophiles Actually Started the Cartoon Character Trend

The follow-up Facebook viral trend to the "Change your profile picture to a cartoon character" trend is now one stating that the previous cartoon character trend was not to end child abuse, but was actually started by a group of pedophiles so that it would be easier for them to get added to children's Facebook pages.

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Facebook Viral Trend: Change Your Profile Picture to a Cartoon Character to End Child Abuse

Cartoon Character Facebook viral trend

Here are some current status' Facebooker's are pasting to their profiles ...


Change your default facebook picture to a cartoon character from your childhood. THE GOAL? To not see a human face on facebook until Monday the 6th of Dec.. Join the fight against child abuse, and invite your friends to do the same.



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