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Diablo - Blizzard - Email Phishing Attempt Example - What to watch out for

Phishing Example: Diablo 3 | Battle.Net | Blizzard | World of Warcraft | Starcraft | Etc.

I've recently gotten an email in my gmail inbox where the sender (a.k.a. "Scumbag") is attempting to sucker me out of my login credentials by pretending to be sent from Blizzard Entertainment themselves. Of course, par for the course, the email portrays a sense of relative impending doom (to your account) and you must hurry and confirm that you're the original owner of the account. Below is a paste of the actual email:

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More Gmail Themes?

The built-in choices of themes in Gmail really suck, are there more themes from somewhere else I can use, or even is there some way I can customize my gmail theme myself? Phbbbbt!

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Gmail: Error: Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again.?

I am getting the Error - Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again. popup window dialog message when I try to send or save a draft of an email in gmail. I have double checked all my fields and everything is filled out correctly -- does anyone know why I am getting this error and how to fix it? TY Confused

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When I upload a contact image in Google Contacts through Gmail, where are the pictures stored?

After reading some posts here I've been using Google Contacts to store my contacts so that I can sync them with my Android but now I have a question I'm wondering if anyone knows----when I upload a contact picture where is Google storing the image?

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Can I delete or clear Gmail Last account activity?

I use gmail with my phone, my computer and other devices and I was wondering if it is possible to delete the Last account activity in my gmail account?

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Gmail: "Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again." When trying to send an Email?

I'm having a problem when I click the Send button in Gmail it says it's working, then pops up a window saying "Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again." with no other option but to click the OK button. I've tried this 4-5 times in a row now with the same result. Does anyone know what this is or why it's happening to me?

Edit: It also is happening to me when I try to save the message as a draft. I have tried logging out and back in, and also clearing my cache first, but it's still happening.

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Gmail external links are causing gmail to reload when clicked?

My gmail for some reason lately has been acting up, whenever I click on a link in an email it loads the link in a new tab the way it should, but at the same time the gmail tab reloads itself. I'm using Firefox, does anyone know why this is so I can fix it?

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Safely Unsubscribe From Any Mailing List

Unsubscribe takes the effort out of unsubscribing from mailing lists. When you actually examine all the messages you receive, chances are that a good chunk of them are from mailing lists. As the months go by, we often forget how many times we've added our address somewhere online. While it's easy to delete them on the fly, an LA-based startup has created an even better solution.

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How To Customize your Gmail The Way You Want

Email is such a important part of our daily lives and having your email do what you would like is so important. With Gmail you can customize it with Labs. I know in previous threads we have talked about this before however there are new labs out there so you might want to check it out again. So if your are not familiar with Labs you can kinda think of them as apps for your Gmail.

At the top of your Gmail click on the green hourglass or if you don't have that then click on "Settings"

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Google Gmail Lets You Sign In to Multiple Accounts at Once

If you have more than one Gmail account you will now be able to switch between them without logging out and back in. The new multi-account sign in feature was launched yesterday and is available on most of the popular Google apps. You can sign into 3 accounts maximum and whatever account you're in when you enable the multi account feature will become your default account.

If you don't see this feature yet it will show up in your account settings in the next couple of days. I don't see it on mine yet Sad


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