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Myspace symbol codes & character codes

Are you looking for Myspace Symbols, Facebook Symbols and character codes?

Here's THE complete list! Plus some other cool bonus stuff!

CTRL+D to bookmark this page as a great myspace symbols (or facebook symbols) reference!
It's also a great place to send your friends for their "myspace symbols" and "Facebook Symbols"!

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Myspace Privacy

Heads up everyone, I just logged into Myspace today to get this popup alert:

Myspace privacy changes alert and information
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How to Hack Facebook, Facekook Apps, Myspace and Myspace Apps

Who said geeks don't have fun? Well we have lots of goodies (codes and hacks) here to see those things you're not suppose to see. If there is a will, there is a way so let us show you the way on Geekdrop.

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how to block someone on myspace using their friend id

can anyone tell me how to block someone by using their myspace friend id? thanks!

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Piss off pictures

OK I though we needed a thread with our fun piss off pictures that we have on our myspace/facebook or other social forum sites that we post just to well tell our lurkers/stalkers to...piss off.

So got some funny pics post them.

{Mod note: Original images were deleted by user}

if you like a pic - Snag It here just right click and save it Smile

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Myspace Katamari Custom Details Section Manager

Here's a katamari Myspace profile editor that makes it easy to customize your myspace profile and see your changes, and then gives you the code to paste into your profile. Clicky


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