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"GeekDrop Props" - Command-line Windows Property Sheet Opener

A simple command-line utility to open the standard Windows Properties sheet by passing the file/folder/drive path to it.

I Averaged: 2.8 | 9 votes
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Socket Bind Issues. Can't Bind to a Port, etc. - SOLVED

Quick story:

I run both Docker and Hyper-V often. I also run OpenVPN.

Earlier today I ran into an issue using OpenVPN, I've never had problems with up until today, where it wouldn't connect to any of my VPNs. Turns out it was because it could no longer bind to any of it's usual ports on my machine (Windows 10).

I Averaged: 3.3 | 4 votes
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Can I Delete the "MATS" Folder? - SOLVED

Hey everyone! ltns.

While trying to clean up my computer I came across a folder on my C: drive named "MATS" that I have NO idea what it is or where it came from and was wondering if it's safe to delete it? Thanks for any help!

I Averaged: 2.6 | 7 votes
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Windows: We can't sign into your account - [Solution]

"We can't sign into your account."

Ever run into this problem? I get people contacting me all the time with this, so I figure I'll put it here so I can just link them to it.

Here's the big fix ...

Wait for it ....

Sign out of your account, then sign back in.

If that doesn't work, try a full-on reboot.

That's it! Wink

I Averaged: 1 | 1 vote
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Windows Update 1809!! All My Personalized / Custom Settings Are Gone! - QUICK EASY SOLUTION

I recently got hit with what I thought at first was a catastrophe ...

Windows Update installed the dreaded 1809 update / patch to Windows 10, rebooted, logged back in, and suddenly ALL of my personalizations were GONE; my wallpaper was reset, my taskbar shortcuts all gone, my desktop icons were reset, losing any that I had moved there myself, quick access links gone ... ALL of it.

Turns out that the fix is (THANK GOD) extremely simple .... just reboot!

I Averaged: 3 | 5 votes
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2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) - Error 0x80070643 - [Solved]

So while running Windows Update today I ran into this error:

2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) - Error 0x80070643

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I Can't See Any Shared Folders or Computers Anymore (on Windows 10)

Hello Geeks!

I can't remember exactly when this happened, or how long it's been this way because I only use shared folders once in a while, but I used to be able to click on the "Network" icon in Windows Explorer and see all the computers in my Workgroup, and then see any shared folders each computer shared if I clicked on one of them. I no longer can do this. It seemed to just "stop", out of nowhere.

I Averaged: 4 | 1 vote
JocelynJones's picture Pop-Up When Logging Into Windows? [SOLVED]

Sometimes I get this random page loading whenever I log on to Windows, seemingly after I lose internet connection. This page will load up all by itself:


I've done MalwareMalwarebytes Anti-virus / Anti-malware scans with Adaware and Malwarebytes. and they say I'm clean. Am I infected??

I Averaged: 2.5 | 6 votes
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For the love of all things Holy, DO NOT delete anything in your WinSXS folder!

Long story short, especially since I'm STILL in the process of restoring my puter over a month later, I kept getting Windows nagging me, saying I was running out of space on my 150 GB, SSD, C: drive, and as I've done counless times before, I used the built-in Windows CleanUp tool (cleanmgr.exe) to clear out any muck and mire laying around, until I came across a (now confirmed as a bug) strange thing showing in it's list of things available to delete ...

I Averaged: 3 | 2 votes

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