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registering kindle

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Hi Guys, Yes I need more help, again.
I am trying to set up my KindleAmazon but I cannot remember the password for the wireless connection. So it either gives me an error message of wrong password, or not enough letters, or the message that I need a wireless connection to continue. When I ask for a map of my wireless connection I get an error message that a router might be incompatible, but I cannot find it on a scan. Does anyone have any suggestions about this sh*tstorm? I appreciate anything you can give me. Julie

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Re: registering kindle

The best bet would probably be to change your password on your wireless network. The address you need to type in the address bar is, and depending on the router you have, the user/password combination is set to either admin/admin or admin/password. When you get in, look for the settings - change your password for the network. after that should be a breeze.

Also, your router may indeed be incompatible, but if you have a newer router, they may allow for a "guest" login, using a different type of connection (WEP vs WPA or whatnot).

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