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How to Hide Facebook Friends List or Change it's Privacy Settings? - Solved

how i hide my [Facebook] friend list to others like my Friends and public?

Thanks in Advance

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How to hide posts from sites from my friends so only I see them, they can get annoying to them I am sure.

I have posts that I am sure my friends don't want to see, how can I still get them but be the only one to see them.

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can I hide my new like pages so only I can see these posts, eg. crochet page

I have some likes for example "Crochet World" (not a real one) so only I can see when they post so my friends don't get annoyed by all the posts that come up.

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How do i get on Facebook if it's blocked in school?

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How Can I Change a Facebook App's Privacy Settings *After* It's Installed?

hi, when I install a new Facebook app, like Spotify, or GetGlue as examples, and they ask me to choose the app's privacy settings I always set them to "Only Me" just in case it turns out to be a spammy app. But later I want to change the privacy settings so my friends can see them in my timeline and newsfeed. I can't find where to change them though in Facebook's settings areas!! Please help!

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How can I "hide" from someone on Facebook without having to block or unfriend them?

So, I have this Facebook friend on my friends list who I do like, but don't want to converse with as much as this person wants to, but I don't want to be rude or mean by directly telling them to ease up a bit. When I make a status post I have this person added to the "hide" area of the custom list of who can see them or not so that they don't see any of my status posting activity.

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Department of Justice (DOJ): make it a federal crime to use a fake name on Social websites, like Facebook, Myspace &

If you've ever entered a fake name on a website, or created a fake Facebook, Myspace,, etc. then guess what? You are a federal criminal! Or at least will be one if this new law passes.

Ever heard the phrase "one bad apple spoils the whole dang bunch?" This newly proposed law is using the Lori Drew case, the case in which said woman created a fake Myspace profile and proceeded to harass a 13 year old girl, who then when on to commit suicide due to Lori's harsh words, as their main weapon in getting this law passed.

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I'm able to see comments and Likes of blocked people on Facebook right now!

Since the new changes on Facebook I am suddenly able to see comments and Likes of people I have either blocked or have blocked me. Their name shows as black and not clickable, but the comments are there instead of hidden like before. It seems ot be wishy washy though, sometimes it seems that they may hide again. I saw one comment from a blocked person, and then when I clicked the "View all X comments" link, the persons comment was hidden again. Other time clicking the View all link still shows their comments. And sometimes the Likes will still hide them, sometimes not.

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How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Here's one very good method to stay on top of your Facebook account, and get immediately alerted via email and SMS text message (if you choose to) if someone accesses your account. Setting this up is quick & easy, just follow this slick tutorial.

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How To Post Privately To Someone Else's FaceBook Wall - (Screenshot Tutorial)

How To Post Privately To Someone Else's FaceBook Wall

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