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Minimize EagleGet on Start Up? [SOLVED]

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I'm using EagleGet to manage all the downloads from all of my browsers and it works great, but, one thing that drives me nuts about it is that it won't minimize itself to the tray when I boot my computer! I've even gone as far as emailing their support asking how to do it and my email got completely ignored. Angry Is there some way to do this? I'd be forever in your debt!

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Re: Minimize EagleGet on Start Up? [SOLVED]

I hear ya. This drove me bat-ish insane long ago, as well. So much so that I whipped up an AHK (AutoHotkey) script to do this. Seems like such an easy and fundamental thing to do to a piece of software; no idea why the folks at EagleGet can't seem to handle it ...

I'm attaching the script to your post. All you have to do to get it to work is, unzip it, put it in some folder, and then call it on Windows startup.

See: How to Add AutoHotkey Scripts to Windows Start Up

What it does:
All the script does when it's run is, wait for the EagleGet window to show it's face, and when it does, set it as the active window (so it can receive keystrokes) and then send the universal Windows HotKey combo of Windows Key + Down Arrow, which minimizes EagleGet. Then the script exits.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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