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Welcome to the

So here is a spot on The Drop for you to log on and say your greetings to your fellow droppers. This club is not just for the morning group but if you find yourself popping in mid day...ehhh pop in and say good afternoon/evening. We welcome comments all times of the day.

For the morning group you pop your computer on but your brain hasn't fully awaken and you are stumbling though the comments/threads that you missed out and see a few friendly faces so you want to say "morning". So go pour yourself a cup/glass of coffee, tea, juice, milk or that morning cocktail and sit a spell. The afternoon/evening group if you find that your logging on and you see a friend(s) then pop in and say "Hello". Heck even insomnia droppers are welcome, even if no one is online look at this area as the area to do your Geekdrop "tweets".

Geekdrop Cafe Rules:
There are NONE!
Shirts, shoes are not needed. Heck post away in your jammies or in the nude should you feel the need (you don't have to share and no pics please).

What is that saying: "Not just for Breakfast anymore".

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