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Memory Lane

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How do you store all of your digital memories?
Is Flickr or Photobucket the best?
Do you online scrapbook? If so, are their any free or small fee websites that you would recommend?
I have used services from snapfish when I initially set up an account with them and created inexpensively annual calendars of my kids for grandparents each Christmas. I also send (free option) a monthly "slideshow" to out of state family from
I have been a Creative Memories geek for years and years. But, with a sister in law who is a consultant I get perk prices. I am running out of shelf space however for all of my albums and would rather keep my pictures nice and organized where I can share through a password protected site with family and friends.

Wanted to know if there are any hidden treasures out there that I haven't heard of or tried.

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Re: Memory Lane

Well... I don't trust online sites that much for pictures. I'll admit, I upload on myspace alot, and i also share at times on photobucket. Actually, I think I've only put some of my wedding pics on photobucket. Most all other times, I store them all on an external drive to keep them safe. If I need to share, I usually just email them.

I guess I have no hidden treasures... Laughing

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Re: Memory Lane
Well, for online scrapbooking, I use photobucket. If you worry about unwanted people looking at your pics, you can make you albums private. If you have an existing account and would like to make it private, you can follow these instructions:


  1. First login to your photobucket account then near the top right side of the page click on account options.
  2. Once you get to that page you will need to scroll down until you see Album Settings. Click on edit my album settings. After that you will see a page with all different kinds of things you can do to your page. You want to look where it says My Album is then click private. This makes your page private so no one else can see.
  3. Right under My Album is, it has a thing that says Guest Password. If you want you can put a password in there for your family and friends so they can to view your page. Make sure the password is not same the password you used for your account. You want to make a different password. After that click the save button.
  4. When you want to show people your pictures all you do is give them a link to your main page or your username then the guest password. Once someone logs on they will be logged as read only. They will not be able to delete or move your pictures around. They will only be able to view your pictures.

You can also find these instrutions on

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Re: Memory Lane

I use Photobucket for the things that dont matter a whole lot. I cannot remember if it was 20/20 or Dateline (it was one of the news shows at night) that
showed where large companies were getting some of their pictures for adviertising from the online photo places. One girl had her picture "borrowed" and was in a
cell phone ad ~ Laughing. Oh yeah - without pay until the publicity came out about it. By law no one has to pay for online pictures. It is not
ethical but also not illegal (unfortunately). So ..... I dont put my kids on there or anything important/personal just for that for reason, just some pictures I do graphics on and tinker with.

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