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How to use Photobucket

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So, I'm sure you've heard someone say "Upload it to Photobucket", which sounds so easy. But what if you don't know what Photobucket is, nonetheless how to use it? Well I'm gonna give ya all the basics right here. I know, I know... "Critter, you're the BEST... now I won't feel so lost in the sauce"
So let's start with the basics. Photobucket is an online site that helps keep all your photos nice and organized. Whether they be to use on your favorite social site, or to just keep a backup of precious family photos.
Ok, first thing is obviously to go sign up for a Photobucket account. Which can be accomplished by clicking on either of following.

Once you have your account all setup, we're ready to rock n roll. Let's start with saving a picture that you find online. We'll use our little GeekDrop banner as an example. Right click on the picture you'd like to upload and click on Copy Image Location
Now go to your photobucket, click on Web URL and paste that Image Location in. Then hit upload, and voila' your picture will be in your photobucket!
Of course if you have pictures already on your computer, you can upload them just as easily by clicking my computer, and then the choose files button. That will cause a browse files pop-up to open. Just search out your pictures and click them.
You can also search out pictures that are already on photobucket by using that little search box.
Once you find a picture you want, click on it, then hover over it and click on copy to my album.
That's the basics of getting pictures onto Photobucket. Now let's talk about your settings to keep your stalkers out...
Wanna add some sub albums, or make your album or sub albums private? Easy peasy japanesy... the edit button is what you want to use in order to change the privacy of albums.
That lock next to the sub album shows that it's a private album. When you click edit, there are drop down boxes for the main album and a link for each sub album to make them private or public.
Note that if your main album is private, you cannot make sub albums public, they will all be private. However... if the main account is public and you make a sub album private you will be given the opportunity to make a "guest password" This allows you to give access to the album to someone by giving them the guest password which you can change whenever you'd like. Also, if you send a direct link to someone of a picture in a private album they will be able to see it. However, they will not be able to see any other pictures in the album.
So... that's the basics. This should get you on your way to being a bona fide Photobucketeer. There are lots of other fun things you can do with your pictures once they are on Photobucket. I'm working on that thread also and will link it here once finished! Go forth young jedis, and store your photos online! Peace
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Re: How to use Photobucket

Awesome Critter! Thank you thank you! I will become an official Photobucketeer very soon Applause

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Re: How to use Photobucket
I learn something new everyday. I didn't think to copy an image location and just upload it that way. I always just save image as and then upload from my computer.... Thanks for the thread, Critter.
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Re: How to use Photobucket

awesome thread girlie! anyone who was confused as to how to use photobucket will no longer be!

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Re: How to use Photobucket

How do you upload a file that is not a jpg, gif or any other file that only PB accepts?

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Re: How to use Photobucket

What type of file is it? Most of the time you can open it up in "MS Paint" and resave it as another type of file

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Re: How to use Photobucket

Use imageshack Plus they are the only you can host full size backgrounds on for free that I know of ! Photobucket resizes big pics

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Re: How to use Photobucket

I just saw this thread. Great tutorial! Smile

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