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Android voice app -StartTalking- lets you drive & text

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Now, there's a way to text while driving without having to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

AdelaVoice's Android app (it's free), called StartTalking, is voice-controlled. You don't need to open any app or navigate menus.

StartTalking Android App

It can even operate when the phone screen is dark or the keypad is locked. You just bark out a pre-assigned name to "wake" the phone up, and then start just Start Talking. Following audio prompts -- like "Speak to create a text message for Ed or saying 'cancel,' " -- you can dictate and route your message. You can play back texts, too.

Although it's free right now, Adela plans to open up its technology to 3rd party developers, and expects to charge later for premium services. The app, (in beta), is available in the Android Market store.

I have installed this app on my DroidX and am currently testing and I have to say I am impressed!

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Re: Android voice app -StartTalking- lets you drive & text.

Ohhhhh I'm so going to check this one out! Thanks Candy!

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Re: Android voice app -StartTalking- lets you drive & text.

WOW!! I hope this spreads . . .

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