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ms excel

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How To Remove Values but Keep Formulas in MS Excel 2007

Here's a nifty way to delete all values entered into a workbook while keeping the formulas.

  • Open the Excel worksheet containing the values and formulas.
  • Hit "Ctrl G", that will bring up the Go To dialog box
  • Click on "Special"
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Counting Rows and Columns in MS Excel

When you're highlighting entire rows or columns in MS Excel that don't start from the top, Excel actually will let you know how many have been selected as you go. Notice 9R in the image below, indicates 9 rows have been selected.

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How To Add A Calculator To The Excel Quick Access Toolbar

While working in Excel, often times there's a need to use a calculator, here's a way to add one to your toolbar in Excel 2007.

First, right click on the toolbar and choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar".

On the next Excel Options screen choose "Commands Not in the Ribbon" from the "Choose Commands From" drop down menu.

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Center Text Across Selected Cells Without Merging Cells in MS Excel

For those of us who use MS Excel there are a lot of times you may want to have report headings centered across the top of the page. The only way you used to be able to do this was to use the Merge and Center option. Although Merge and Center serves its purpose, it can cause other problems down the road, such as selecting ranges or copy and pasting ranges.

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Folders / Files Are Showing In Reverse Alpha Order

Since yesterday when I go to open a folder or file, they are all showing in reverse alpha order. They are all showing with the letter Z first and going backwards, it's driving me crazy, how do I get it back to the way it was with A showing first? Confused

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Align Decimals In Numbers With Variable Decimal Places In MS Excel

If you have a spreadsheet that has variable decimal places and need to align them in a column on the decimal point regardless of the number of digits before and after the decimal, here's how:

Decimals not aligned:

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How To Clear Recently Used Files In MS Office 2007

Here's how to clear the list of recently used files in MS Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Go to the Office Button, choose the Word/Excel/Powerpoint options button in the lower right hand corner.

In that dialog box go to "Advanced". Scroll down to "Display" and where it says "Show this number of recent documents" set the number to 0 then hit OK.

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F2 Editing Button Not Working - Excel

So have you ever had your F2 editing button stop working? (I use mine a lot for editing cells in Excel). For the longest time mine had stopped working and well I had just given up on it. Now I've realized that there is an F Lock key Doh! so I just pressed it again and there ya go, my F2 is working again!! Woot!

F-Lock Key Tip
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