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SOLVED: Stop Microsoft OneNote from Constantly Asking to Sign-In to Sync your Notebook

Somehow my Microsoft OneNote managed to get it's wires twisted somewhere along the line, and though I already had automatic sync chosen in the settings, it would keep showing that small toolbar near the top telling me to sign in / click it to sync the notebook.

This gets pretty annoying after a short time, having to keep clicking it.

Here's a quick & simple fix, just follow these steps

  • Close OneNote
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My Microsoft Office (Word, OneNote, Excel, etc.) and SnagIt Icons are Now Blank?

I'm not sure what happened but out of nowhere the icons for the programs in the title are now gone. Buy gone I mean that they show a generic program icon, even when they're showing in the windows taskbar. I've tried right-clicking and editing the Properties for it, but the "Change Icon" button is grayed out, so I can't. I've also tried creating a whole new shortcut pointing to the program so I could change the icon, but that also didn't work when I dragged the shortcut to the taskbar, or when the program is running and it shows in the taskbar. It's driving me CRAZY!!! Can anyone help?

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How to Temporarily Hide Those Annoying Red and Green Squiggly Lines in MSWord (Microsoft Word)?

Does anyone know how to temporarily hide those SpellCheck (red) and Grammar Check (green) squiggly underlines in Microsoft Word? I like them to be there most of the time, but sometimes they just annoy me and I want them off for a short time. It's too much of a pain in the a$$ to go all the way into the settings and tick the options to turn those off and then go back in and tick them back on, just for temporary toggling. It'd be great if there was a button or keyboard shortcut to toggle them on and off, but I can't find anything to do that?

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Help! How do I keep my font choices in Microsoft Works Word Processor?

Hi --I need help. I am doing my addresses for Christmas cards using Works Microsoft Processor. I select the font, color and size for one address. When I do the next one, I have to do the selecting again or it goes back to whatever the PC has. Gets a little tiresome changing it for each address. How to I keep the selections I have made?

Thanks for any help.

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Synonyms In MS Word

If you're typing a letter in Word or let's say even a resume but you don't want to use the same word over and over, you can easily choose a synonym by doing the following, in this case the word I want to change for a similar meaning is "cell".

Right click on the word you want to replace with a synonym, and the following menus will pop up.

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How Do I insert a watermark in Word 2007

I know in Word 2003 to insert a watermark into a document you would go to Format then background then text watermark does anyone know how I do that in word 2007? thanks

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Counting Rows and Columns in MS Excel

When you're highlighting entire rows or columns in MS Excel that don't start from the top, Excel actually will let you know how many have been selected as you go. Notice 9R in the image below, indicates 9 rows have been selected.

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Center Text Across Selected Cells Without Merging Cells in MS Excel

For those of us who use MS Excel there are a lot of times you may want to have report headings centered across the top of the page. The only way you used to be able to do this was to use the Merge and Center option. Although Merge and Center serves its purpose, it can cause other problems down the road, such as selecting ranges or copy and pasting ranges.

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How To Change Ruler Units In MS Word 2007

In MS Word 2007 the default for ruler units is Inches, however you may need to change this to a different measurement at some point, here's how.

Go to the Office Button and choose Word Options

Go to "Advanced", scroll down to the "Display" section, then where it says "Show measurements in units of", hit the drop down button and you can choose off the list. Big Grin

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Check Only My Spelling in MS Outlook 2007

In MS Outlook 2007 when you either forward or reply to a message the spell check will find errors and a lot of the time they are the senders mistakes and not yours. Who needs to check other people's mistakes? Here's a quick way to stop checking the other person's errors and just have yours corrected.

Go to Tools / Options, choose the Spelling tab and check off the "Ignore original message text in reply or forward". Big Grin


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