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How to Temporarily Hide Those Annoying Red and Green Squiggly Lines in MSWord (Microsoft Word)?

Does anyone know how to temporarily hide those SpellCheck (red) and Grammar Check (green) squiggly underlines in Microsoft Word? I like them to be there most of the time, but sometimes they just annoy me and I want them off for a short time. It's too much of a pain in the a$$ to go all the way into the settings and tick the options to turn those off and then go back in and tick them back on, just for temporary toggling. It'd be great if there was a button or keyboard shortcut to toggle them on and off, but I can't find anything to do that?

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How To Select Text Vertically in MS Word

Most everybody knows how to select text horizontally in MS Word, but sometimes you may need to select text vertically. For example, you might need to delete the first few words in every line in a list or, bold or italicize it. So here's how to select text vertically in Word 2007.

Just hold down the "Alt" key and select the text, now you can bold, delete, italicize, change font, or whatever it is you need to do.

Easy peasy Big Grin

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Synonyms In MS Word

If you're typing a letter in Word or let's say even a resume but you don't want to use the same word over and over, you can easily choose a synonym by doing the following, in this case the word I want to change for a similar meaning is "cell".

Right click on the word you want to replace with a synonym, and the following menus will pop up.

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How Do I insert a watermark in Word 2007

I know in Word 2003 to insert a watermark into a document you would go to Format then background then text watermark does anyone know how I do that in word 2007? thanks

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How To Change Ruler Units In MS Word 2007

In MS Word 2007 the default for ruler units is Inches, however you may need to change this to a different measurement at some point, here's how.

Go to the Office Button and choose Word Options

Go to "Advanced", scroll down to the "Display" section, then where it says "Show measurements in units of", hit the drop down button and you can choose off the list. Big Grin

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Folders / Files Are Showing In Reverse Alpha Order

Since yesterday when I go to open a folder or file, they are all showing in reverse alpha order. They are all showing with the letter Z first and going backwards, it's driving me crazy, how do I get it back to the way it was with A showing first? Confused

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Recover A Corrupt Word File

Have you ever opened up a Word doc only to get a message that the file is corrupt? Here's how to recover it pretty easily.

Go to the file you want to open. At the bottom where it says "Open", hit the drop down arrow and choose "Open and Repair".

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How To Clear Recently Used Files In MS Office 2007

Here's how to clear the list of recently used files in MS Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Go to the Office Button, choose the Word/Excel/Powerpoint options button in the lower right hand corner.

In that dialog box go to "Advanced". Scroll down to "Display" and where it says "Show this number of recent documents" set the number to 0 then hit OK.


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