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Auto-Dialer App for Android to call Radio Stations and Win contests

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So I'm trying to win a radio contest, and this is the first time I've ever bothered trying to win one of these. It's the usual "When you hear this song play be caller number so and so and you win" contests. I'm using my Android cell phone to make the calls. As you know, you call, and either get a busy signal, or a ring and then a busy signal OR a recorded voice saying "all circuits are busy", then I press the hang-up button, then press the contact number and press the dial button again. I'm just wanting to make this a little easier on myself (not cheat) by seeing if there's an Android App that will automatically dial the phone number for me, and if it detects anything other than a real voice, hang up and redial the same number for me? Bonus if it also works with Google Voice, because I have my phone set to ask me each time whether to make the call using Google Voice or not (another tap before the call, means a total of 3 taps before each and every call, plus the hang up tap, means 4 each time). Anyone? Thanks for any help!

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Re: Auto-Dialer - Auto Redial

It looks like there are a few in the Android Market but this one looks like it might be the best -- Auto-Redial for android

HTH! Smile

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