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How Can I Remove the Sticky Coating on My Mouse?

ok I cleaned up my mouse insides and now everything works like brand new, but when I bought it, it came with this sort of dull, rubbery type of coating on the outside which was nice when it was new, but over the years it's just worn off in many places, and is super sticky and gross. I tried to use hand soap, dish soap, Goo Gone, nail polish remover - it just made it stickier! Is there something I can use to completely remove it, or am I just "stuck" Laughing with it there??

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Mouse Scroll Wheel Only Recognizes Every Other Scroll? - [SOLVED]

ok this has been driving me absolutely BONKERS for a while now. When I scroll with the mouse wheel it's like the first scroll doesn't get recognized, then it'll scroll, then ignore then next couple of scrolls, then scroll, over and over. I've looked through and messed with all windows mouse settings, looked for any third-party software that might be interfering, everything I can possibly THINK of and it still persists! Frustrated

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How Do Turn On Sony Vaio Touchpad??


I need help with a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop serial # PCG-71318L.

  1. I need to replace my wireless mouse.

  2. The touchpad is turned off and I cannot figure out how to turn it on among the control panel options. I see on online forums others had this problem but I see no solutions.

  3. I have tried to install 2 new wireless mice. When I do this the new mice do not work.

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Firefox 16, can no longer middle mouse click to open links in a new tab!

I updated my Firefox to version 16 and where I used to be able to middle-click on links to open them in a new tab, now NOTHING happens when I do it. No new tab opens or anything. I've looked through all of my settings and can't find anything that has changed from my previous settings regarding opening middle-clicked links in a new tab / window. HALP!

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How to lock your mouse cursor within the Star Wars: The Old Republic game window when using multiple monitors

Ever play a game, like Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) on a multiple monitor setup, and accidentally click your mouse JUST past the edge of the screen by accident, causing the game to completely minimize? If you do this while playing SWTOR, it'll minimize to your taskbar, which you'll have to click on, which brings up a loading screen and then when it's done loading finally shows the game screen that you were on when you accidentally clicked off of it.

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How To Stop Your Mouse From Waking Up Your Computer

Sometimes if you're going to be away from your computer for a little while, you may just put it in standby rather than shut it down. However because some mice are so sensitive, if you tip your mouse or even the desk the computer wakes up again. This is because your mouse is set up to wake the computer when it's touched.

To disable this feature take the following steps:

Windows XP:

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Zoom Using the Scroll Wheel

If you're tired of trying to read the fine print on your computer screen then this tip has the quick fix.

In Vista and Windows 7, you can zoom by holding the Ctrl key and rolling the scroll wheel on your mouse.

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Mouse move event

I'm working on writing a small 10 question quiz program. What I am trying to do in one of the questions is make it so only one out of the two possible answers will not be clickable. What I mean is when the user get's near the one check box it moves away from the mouse and will not allow you to select it. I"m thinking it's possible to do this with the mouse move event but im not sure how exactly to do write it.

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How To Access The Right Click Menu Option Without A Mouse

If you are in keyboard mode and need to access the right click menu options, here's how. Very simple, and I had no clue what this button was for until recently.

The button between the "Alt" and "Ctrl" does the trick. Just hit it and then scroll down with the arrow keys to choose options.

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Hide Your Mouse Pointer While Typing

If your mouse pointer is getting in the way while you type you can change the settings as follows to have it disappear while you type away:

For Windows XP:

  • Click Start
  • Settings
  • Control Panel
  • Double click on Mouse
  • In Mouse Properties, go to Pointer Options tab
  • Check off the box that says "Hide Pointer While Typing"
  • Click ok

For Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  • Click Start
  • Control Panel
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