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A surge protector you don't have to reach for!

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After reading some of the comments on this thread, I came across this little jewel and thought- Perfect! A step toward the solution of the problem so many of us seem to have. This little baby would definitely make it easier to not only remember to unplug all those "energy vampires", but also to reach them, as they can be placed on desks, workbenches, tv stands, etc. I, for one, want one ASAP!

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Re: A surge protector you don't have to reach for!

For electronics I can say enough about protecting your investments. Surge protectors are now days certainly cheap enough. If your like me and you live in hurricane ally or where you get alot of electrical storms then you might want to upgrade. I have battery backups on all of my computers and on the plasma. Its just not worth frying something you spent thousands for when you could have protected it fairly inexpensively. Plus huge bonus if the power goes out then the backup starts beeping and I have like 15 - 20 min before the battery dies. Plenty long enough to save anything I was working on and power down. Here is the one under my desk and yes I know my wires are a mess but since its against the wall I just don't care (I don't see it).

Plus I really learned how much I love it when we did have a approching hurricane. We would be glued to the weather channel - power would go out but TV stayed on for a while. It gave us plenty of time to get up and light the candles (if it was dark out) and hunker down. We did that more then once - in fact 4 times one year.

oh bonus button on top so easy to hit of with your toe - to bad my pc runs 24/7 so it gets basically no break

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Re: A surge protector you don't have to reach for!
Now that would make life much easier.

Do a little dance...
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Re: A surge protector you don't have to reach for!

thats great! (i love the gift wrap option! too funny)

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