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Huge Changes for World Of Warcraft (expansion)

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Want to be one of these?

Well You will be in the new expansion. Since I don't play I wont begin to explain the news so here go read:

Massive new expansion will change Warcraft's world


"In addition to revitalizing some of the most familiar and iconic areas of the game world, this third World of Warcraft expansion will add new features and a large amount of new content for players to explore," said Blizzard CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime in a press release.

Fans are already drooling over the wealth of new goodies, headlined by the introduction of two new races to Warcraft's formidable lore: Goblins and the werewolf-ish Worgen. The game will also establish new class/race combinations and allow players to reach Level 85.

The expansion is set to be released in 2010

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