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Guild Wars 2

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Been playing Guild wars 2 lately and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this game. For an mmo with no subscription fee it's extremely detailed and huge! The world is enormous and there is a ton of things to do and they make what your doing actually pretty fun. They kind of mask the fact that your doing quests by making them more of a public type quest that just happen. Random live events will just pop up and you can either take part of pass on by. here is a link to a vid I was just shooting trying to capture the beauty of the cold winter night when a live event just happened to pop up to escort some guy to a camp. Next thing I know I'm with a bunch of other people doing the same quest. Kinda cool.


As I said the world is just enormous! Here is a video of me exploring and trying to get to a 'vista" which is a marker on the map that is just a fun thing to get. When you reach the marker you get a nice cut screen of the area. These along with other things are all over the place to find and they really make you want to explore the map to find them! But you can see from this video that the cities alone are extremely detailed and enormous!


Here is another one of me traveling via the portals to Divinity's reach wich is the human city.  This place is huge.  I was just wandering around since it was my first time there!

Here is some World vs World PVP.  This is just one of 4 huge maps that you and 2 other servers fight in a week long (soon to be 2 weeks long) battle for control!  When I say this games world is big I mean it's BIG!


Armor Dyeing is nice!

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