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how do you destroy a computer hard drive?

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I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get a new computer. The computer I'm on now has seen better days. Here is what I'm wondering, what do I do with my old computer? I would like to donate it but I've heard of folks stealing personal information from old computers. Hell I can't afford the credit cards I have let alone if someone went on a shopping spree.

How do you get rid of a computer or delete a hard drive for good?

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Re: how do you destroy a computer hard drive?

The only true way to make sure a hard drive's data isn't recoverable whatsoever is to physically destroy it. The more the better. Degausse it, fry it with some thermite, and beat it to death with a hammer, maybe run over it a few times with an 18-wheeler and finally, feed it to porpoise who you hope gets eaten by a great white shark.

But I doubt most everyday users have anything so important they need to go to that extent. You can just use a program designed to make data unrcoverable by overwriting all data blocks with 0's or other characters. The more passes (overwrites), the better. Here's a program designed to do just that. There's a free version, which should be good enough, or a pay version with more options.

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Re: how do you destroy a computer hard drive?

and if your still seriously that concerned, you could always give it to me Big Grin im always looking for a hard drives, but if you seriously, want to wipe it, just format wit with windows, then beat on it with a hammer and turn in the rest to a donation center, but again, id really like to get that computer from ya, ill pay for shipping when i get it =D

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