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FaceBook Viral Trend: Inches - Measurments in Statuses, Means?

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Seeing Inches or Measurements in Facebook statuses and wondering what it means?

This is a Facebook viral trend in direct response to the Fruit on Statuses viral trend. Have a look at the exact email being forwarded around.

FaceBook Message wrote:

You've probably noticed all these weird fruit names popping up on girls' statuses. It's just another dumb facebook chainmail, but its for a good cause (breast cancer awareness).
Anyway, while this is a good cause, it also sounds like a great deal of spam, and an opportunity to have some fun.
Set your status as your phone's screen size in inches (see what I did there? ^^), and leave no evidence what the number means.
If you're not sure, google it. Most phones will be in the 3" to 4" range.
Leave your status set as this number (make sure its obvious its in inches, eg 3.2"), and let's see what all those girls think!

Copy and paste this and send it to all your guy friends, we'll win this one for sure!

For the curious, I'm 3.8". A grower, not a shower ... Wink

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