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Facebook Viral Trend: "From Facebook": Post This Status Message Within 2 Weeks or We Will Delete Your Account

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"Post This Status Message Within 2 Weeks or Facebook Will Delete You"


This is from facebook..There are many complaints that Facebook has become unacceptably slow. The report shows that Facebook has a number of inactive members. They want us to re-post this message to see who are active and who are not. If you don't post this message within will be removed in order to get more space. Post this on your wall to show that you are active in the facebook

This is the latest fake facebook viral status going around as of 1/12/11, claiming that if you don't copy and paste this status into your status within 2 weeks, Facebook will automatically delete your account.

For those who haven't been on Facebook long enough to catch on, this is clearly a hoax. First of all, if we were to play along for a minute, how is Facebook to know exactly when you saw someone else's pasted status to know the 2 week time frame has expired, seeing as there's no actual final date to post any status by?

Second, Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company; the last thing they need to be concerned with is the small amount of space required per proifile. Very active users who have been on Facebook for years' profiles generally aren't any larger than ~100 megabytes of hard drive space. To put this into perspective, Gmail, as an example, happily doles out 7-8 GIGAbytes of space per free email account.

So to summarize, please don't fall for this, and clutter up people's newsfeeds by pasting this as your status. Let it die out quickly. Smile

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