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FaceBook Viral Trend: Fruit As Your Status - What Does It Mean?

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Fruit On Facebook Statuses? Here's what it means ...

This isn't a new Facebook viral trend by any means, it' goes back to at least 2008, but these viral trends tend to reoccur periodically, like any real virus, Laughing. So if you'v ebeen seeing people (especially girls) posting nothing but some fruit name as their Facebook status, here's the viral email going around:

FaceBook Message wrote:

There is something new to the list! ( AGAIN ! ) Big Grin :D
This is meant for “GIRLS” only.
Do not pass on to boys Smile :) Let them roam wondering Big Grin :D
Keep the following names of the fruits in your statuses to which you belong!!

  • Strawberry - Deeply in love?
  • Lichee - Having a strong crush ^^^^
  • Cherry - Adore someone’s looks n personality Smile :)
  • Chickoo - Hate your ex Confused:/
  • Mango - Happy being single Big Grin :D
  • Apple - Just suffered from a breakup Sad :(
  • Pineapple - Hate love Plain Face

I just received n forwarded!
Forward to your co girls and spread the chain Smile :)

On personal note, what exactly are "Lichee's" and "Chickoo's"? Never even heard of those in my entire life, Laughing. Oh, and for the record, as of the time of this writing, I happen to be a fruit-soup of most of those, but leaning a small bit towards Cherry. Wink

Update: There's now a "boys" version of this in response to the girls version. See it here

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