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Osama Bin Laden Death Video - virus circulating on Facebook

WARNING: there is a video circulating around Facebook of a BBC video of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, supposedly made by U.S. Troops. It IS a virus! Spread the news because it's circulating fast!


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Christmas Tree App Warning on Facebook

This is currently being posted on Facebook and has been deemed FALSE


"WARNING!!!!!!.....DO NOT USE THE Christmas Tree application on Facebook. Please be advised it will crash your computer. Geek squad says it's one of the WORST trojan-viruses there is and it is spreading quickly. Re-post and let your friends know."

Source: Snopes

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Alert - Facebook FYI - New Privacy Setting

ALERT - FACEBOOK FYI - "Instant Personalization"

As of today, 11/19/2010, there is a NEW PRIVACY setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares your Facebook personal data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Enable."

If you want to disable it follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account
  2. 0
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Facebook Dislike Button Scam - BEWARE!

If you should get a invite to accept the facebook Dislike button then DON'T ACCEPT IT! Its a scam!

facebook dislike button scam

Face it when has facebook asked you if you wanted anything? If it was a new feature EVERYONE would have it.

BBC wrote:

The scam tricks users into allowing a rogue application to access their profile page, which then posts spam messages.

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Warning: New Facebook Malware Is Now Viral

If you get a posting on your Facebook wall telling you "this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! Tongue Tongue :P" which seems to be accompanied by a video titled "Candid Camera Prank [HQ]" then don't click on the video: it's a lead-in to MalwareMalwarebytes Anti-virus / Anti-malware.

Clicking the link will take you to what seems like a Facebook application which then tells you that your video player is out of date – and encourages you to download a file.

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FaceBook "Instant Personalization"

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1.5 million stolen Facebook IDs for sale. Is YOURS One Of Them?

GeekDrop highly recommends that anyone reading this right now immediately go and change thier FaceBook password. You may have had your account hacked and not even be aware of it.


Researchers at VeriSign's iDefense group recently spotted Kirllos selling Facebook user names and passwords in an underground hacker forum, but what really caught their attention was the volume of credentials he had for sale: 1.5 million accounts. That's 1 in every 300 FaceBook accounts.

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Is Facebook Whoring You Out? How to Change Your Privacy Settings.

So your laughing at the title but hey dont laugh to hard because they could whore you out for their advertising, without asking you and you don't make a dime. Have you read over their TOS (Terms of Service)? Well its changed some. Here is a part you might not have noticed:


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