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Xfinity / Comcast Support Email Address? - [Solution]

Hi everyone! I HATE when companies force you to call them or use a live chat or something, but never provide a way to email them!! I looked all over the Comcast / XFINITY website and they do this! Does anyone know if there's an email address that I can use to contact them instead? Thank you in advance!

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Show Caller ID on my Computer for Comcast / Xfinity Digital?

When I'm watching TV and a call comes in a Caller ID screen pops up during my show and tells me who it is that's calling. Id like to be able to see a similar pop up if I'm on my computer instead of in front of my TV. Can anyone help me?

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"Notice of Claim of Copyright Infringement." - After Downloading a Movie Torrent?

So I just got a new Google TV (GTV) and was checking out all of the apps for it and what they can do, I downloaded one named "Mitty" which (apparently) uses Bittorrent as it's backend, searched for the first movie that came to mind at the moment, which was the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises, thought I'd grab it to see how the app worked as I figured the movie itself would look like ish seeing that it's not the real thing, and what do I get in my email box the next morning?

BOOM! (I X'd out the personal parts)

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EAS on my Comcast Box? What does it mean?

My Comcast Digital Cable box is showing the letters "EAS" on the front of it and I wasn't able to change the channel for a while but now I can, the EAS is still on the front though, does anyone know what this means?

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Comcast Ref Code S0a00 - How Do I Fix It?

Some of my Comcast channels are showing me a message saying "One moment please, this channel should be available shortly, Ref code: S0a00". And no matter how long I wait the channel never comes in. Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it?

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How To Reboot (Power Cycle) Your Comcast HDTV Cable Box

How To Reboot (Power Cycle) Your Comcast HDTV Cable Box

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How To Check Your Comcast HDTV Cable Signal Strength

How To Check Your Comcast HDTV Cable Signal Strength

Sometimes you may need to know what kind of signal you're getting to your Comcast CableBox, to help diagnose if you have some sort of problem. Maybe a loose cable, or whatnot. Here's how to do it.

Note: This is for the Comcast Digital HDTV Cable Box (Model DCH3200) (Fig-1). Most likely it will work on other models though.

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Comcast cable HDTV choppy audio problem

My Comcast cable is suddenly giving me stuttering, choppy sound. It's happening on all channels, not just the HD channels. It used to work fine but for like the last week it's started doing this. Anyone able to help? Thanks.

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How do I cancel program reminders on Comcast Digital Cable?

Like the subject says, I have all of these program reminders popping up on my screen for programs that aren't even in that time slot anymore. I can't find any place to turn them off? Thanks for any help!


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