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How can I BLOCK telemarketers from calling me?

I have Comcast phone service and I keep getting certain telemarketers calling me over and over and over, does anyone know how to block them so I don't even hear the phone ring when they call??

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Now Facebook and Comcast isnt even safe

Wonder what information Facebook and Comcast will turn over to police and intelligence agencies about you? Cryptome, the site that last week posted the leaked Microsoft "spy" manual, has posted company documents that purport to describe what those companies will reveal about you. As with the Microsoft document, the information is eye-opening. Keep in mind that what the companies turn over to police and intelligence agencies is not illegal. The companies are all, in their own ways, following the law.

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Comcast Class Action Lawsuit - How To Get Paid

As a former Comcast customer I can't tell you how much they annoyed me with the fact that I paid for internet service yet they felt the right to throttle me. Well I wasn't the only one annoyed, but so was the FCC Chairman, that customers were paying for "Unlimited Service" yet they were not getting it.

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Programming a Comcast Digital Remote Control (with codes)

I had the luxury a couple of days ago of doing this, and reading the manual that came with the cable box on how to program your TV and any auxillary device (that includes the codes needed to enter into it to match your other devices), it turned out that the manual was wrong.

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What Is Broadband? The FCC wants to know

OK seriously there is a 4 page PDF asking the simplest question "what is broadband" because our government wants to know. I guess they have never heard of wikipedia Laughing.

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High-speed 2go

Comcast announced it is kicking off a new program of wireless to go. Its 4g data card will cost you around $49.99 and will be bundled with home internet or $69.99 nation wide. They will be kicking it off tomorrow in Portland, Oregon and then they will follow it by launching it in Atlanta, Chicago and Philly. The nation wide card will access the web though sprint/nextels 3g network where 4g is not available. They are using what they call WiMax to blanket areas for better coverage.

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Comcast passwords posted on web

So for the past 2 months 8000 comcast customer's user names and passwords have been posted on the web for everyone to see. A customer did a Pipl search on himself and came across the list. Comcast was contacted, and obviously the list has been removed. Comcast is also freezing all the affected email accounts. Read more HERE.


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