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What is your opinion of the Military documents leaked on WikiLeaks ?

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Re: What is your opinion of the Military documents leaked ...

Ok I thought I was up to date on the news but I have to say I read this poll and went HUH??? So I made google my friend and went reading. I voted up top that I didn't know but now I do so here is my thoughts............

I fully support our Military 150%. I do not live in the areas that some of the folks were killed, I do not know what happened therefore I can not lay blame on anyone. I think in times of war rules change, like it or not they do. We are also talking about some parts of the world that are not like here in States. I think it was wrong of wiki to release them because it puts our soldiers in possible danger. I think honestly releasing them NOW at this time should be criminal. I stand behind our soldiers, they do things not because they want to but sometimes because they have to.

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Re: What is your opinion of the Military documents leaked ...

i think this boy who is responsible for the leak should face military justice, it seems like he has been up to no good for a while back. Why would someone sign up and then do something like this?

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