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What happens to your online life after death?

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This site is a pretty good idea for the 21st century, and in my opinion will be a necessity in the future.

Click on pic

What's it do?
It saves all you online information... anything that requires a user name & password.
Once you pass to the other side (ie: kick the bucket) it will give that information to whomever you have designated. Each account can have a different "beneficiary". So for instance, maybe your best friend would get all your social sites and emails, while your significant other would get all the credit card, banking, and bill payment sites.

Think about it.... How many of us nowadays, do all our banking, and billing online? Not even receiving a paper bill in order to be "earth friendly"? If something happened, how would anyone know what bills even needed to be paid? Liens could possibly be placed on assets just because no one ever contacted that credit card company to make them aware of your untimely passing.

This site also allows you to write "personal letters" that will be forwarded at the time of confirmed death. Almost like being able to say your last goodbyes and heartfelt feelings to your loved ones, or better yet reminding them of all the awesome fun you had together.

There of course is a strict verification process to confirm death, so as to not allow any scams. A death certificate as well as some other documentation is needed. Also it must be verified by not only 1, but 2 people whom you designate as verifiers.

The site is scheduled to launch in April, and you can read way more about by visiting the site itself, including pricing and FAQ's.

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Re: What happens to your online life after death?

I left direct instructions in my will, including passwords and messages to be sent out to everyone I know... And I don't have to pay extra for it. Laughing

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Re: What happens to your online life after death?

I think that is a great idea. I will need to see how much it will cost before I decide to use it. I was actually wondering about this a bit ago. I do everything online, even for my husband. He wouldn't know where to start.

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Re: What happens to your online life after death?

Ha! good thread.... I think about this a lot actually. I mean think of it, all the social sites where you know people but you don't really talk to them frequently, etc... how would they know you passed to the other side? I know I would at least want them to know that I was no longer around. As far as the banking or bill paying part of it is concerned, trust me they will find you somehow, if you owe them money, they will come for you by hell or high water!! Laughing

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