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What did you say?

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Hey we all have to start somewhere! Why not add an acronym, word or action you are confused about what it is or what it does below and some know it all will post an answer? Wink

I am most definitely not the brightest crayon in the box so if I am wrong please correct me J or simplify my googling talent
Tweak= to fine tune for performance, or customize more precisely to one's preferences.
Network= It is a connecting of computers through a hub or a router, to provide several computers with internet through one incoming internet line.
Rendering settings= control various options
Simultaneous connections= more than one connection at the same time
Pipelining= is a set of data processing elements connected in series, so that the output of one element is the input of the next one.
Cache= a page screen copy on a specific day and time
Initial paint delay= The time it takes to download the page content and the time it takes to "paint" that content onto your screen so that you can see it.
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Re: What did you say?
  • ISP = Internet Service Provider (like comcast, AOL, Roadrunner......)
  • CPU = Central Processing Unit (computer part) The brains of the computer where things are controlled
  • Hard Drive = (or just HD - a computer part) that reads and writes information (operating system, program files, and data files)
  • Freeware = free software
  • Boot (or booting up) = is when the computer if first turned on and is loading the programs
  • RAM = random access memory -(computer part) storage that is erased when the computer is turned off
  • IP address = internet protocol - it is your computers address (kinda like your house address but it belongs to your computer) it is given to you by your ISO and can change
  • Mother Board (MB) = (computer part) is a electronic board that conects all of the parts of the computer together.
  • Hyperlink = that is when a word is linked to a internet website or email. Like if you click on my name it is hyperlinked to my profile here on the drop: smartmom

we also have a complete list of Chat & Text Message Acronym Reference

Ok here are some from my torrent thread that deal with torrents. You can see the thread HERE:

  • What is Bit Torrent (and what is a torrent "client")?
Well, Bit Torrent is simply a way of transferring files, and all you will need is program that you will install on your computer that allows you to download different "torrents". This program is called a "torrent client". It will allow you to not only download them, but it will also let you share the programs that you have downloaded with others. A torrent client will also let you control the torrent(s). You can decide if you want to share the torrent(s) or it will let you decide when to stop it .
  • What is a Torrent?
A torrent is simply a text file with the file extension of ".torrent", that contains the information on what files to download, where the torrent tracker is, and some other information related to the download. A torrent can contain any number of different types of files, music, movies, games, programs, applications.
  • What is "Seeding"?
Seeding means that you have already downloaded the entire program (movie, game, etc.) and you are letting others download it from you. You are sharing it back with others who are trying to get the same files.
  • What is "Leeching"?
Leeching means that you are downloading and have not completed it 100%.

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