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There Is A Social Site For Everyone

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OK so Facebook, myspace and twitter aren't for you well no fear here are some alternative social sites:

Do you have a fettish for a man in a mustache? Or do you have a mustache and looking for someone who would appreciate it? Then check out Who knows maybe you'll find Tom Selleck.

Are you into Vampires? Maybe a little goth in you? A Twilight fan? Well check out that is if you dare.

Are you a clairvoyant? Well here is a group that will sit around and predict the future. Well then Zii Trend is just for you. I would tell you more but if you belong in this group then you already know. Wink

If your in the "prime" of your life then there is a site just for our seniors Eons So there ya go if you have single parents driving you nuts - just hook them up.

Looking to get set up with a blessing? Well Line for Heaven is where you need to look. Here you can give friends karma for their blessings.

Are you up to talking about your nightly dreams and trying to figure them out? If so then Match a Dream will match you up. you can join a dream circle here.

Are you a brainiac looking for your geek partner? If so then Intellect Connect and embrace your inner geek and another inner geek.

Divorced or getting ready to be? Well might be the place for you.

Are you into Karaoke? Well here is your chance - its like American Idiol but online the check out Red Karaoke

You are beautiful, everyone loves you, you have the perfect body...on this site everyone is that way. Ncludr

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Re: There Is A Social Site For Everyone

ok vampirefreaks is not bout people just into twilight, its for the gothic community, theres more to it than just the URL =/

ì╒ mÿ ¢ºMpútéΓ ßùsîÑë$$ Wa$ èa$¥, Σ√εΓyôÑé wσµ└d ßé döî∩g ï┬.
gφ┼hiç géΣk ¢Ωmpù┬é┌ ┌èPäï┌

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Re: There Is A Social Site For Everyone

I take it that your a part of that site Niebr Laughing

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