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Tax Question

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So, ex and i alternate years for claiming our child as a dependent.

Anyone know anything about this and what all you can do on your "off year"? As far as putting yourself as Head of Household, putting down daycare costs, etc.....

I think last time it was this way i just put myself down as Single and couldn't put down daycare or anything.

Thank you....very much appreciated :-)

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Re: Tax Question
If it's not your year to file your child, then unfortunately you can't claim head of household. In order to file head of household, someone that's related to you legally has to be dependent of you. In order to dedcut child care from your taxes, you must have at least one qualifying person that care was provided for during the year you are claiming the credit. If you're not claiming your child this year, he/she does not technically qualify for child care credit.
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Re: Tax Question

Any medical related expenses that you have receipts or claims for you can claim. You can also claim mileage to and from for medical, dental counseling services etc. Of course I am not a tax professional but this is what my husband and I do with my stepdaughter who we claim odd year/ even year split.

There are a few sites that might give you some answers. The very first one I would look at is the IRS website. search non custodial.

Here are a few others:

Thsi one is my favorite.. I have used it a thousand times

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Re: Tax Question

Go to Set up an account, its very simple and friendly. You can play around with all the options in there. They will ask you questions, just answer them and they will tell you what you can claim and what your options are, and exactly what you can and cannot claim.

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Re: Tax Question

YAY! i can file Head of Household, get the EIC, and daycare expenses.

There is a line in the 1040:
Head of household (with qualifying person). (See page 15.) If
the qualifying person is a child but not your dependent, enter
this child's name here __________

You don't put down their SSN.

Ex doesn't qualify for EIC, and doesn't have any child care expenses to claim since i paid them all.

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