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Switch Cellular Provider & Save Big

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So for anyone out there who has a cell phone contract nearing its end, this article is worth a read. My contract ends in September and I've been looking around for a lower priced plan. Some of these aren't so bad and I'm all for not signing a contract.

Check it out here

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Re: Switch Cellular Provider & Save Big

It is nice if you can go with out a contract. I know my one best friend has no contract and unlimited everything and his bill is like 1/2 of what mine is - crazy. I'm pretty much stuck with Nextel due to work. I would love to shop around and change out our phones (carrier - but I would stick with a blackberry again) because our cell charge is crazy (I pay the office one). I have unlimited everything and even with a corporate plan it still cost me a little over a $100. each month. Plus anyone who has ever called me on my cell at home (green and missb can tell you) I get horrible service at my house. I think that is due to all the wireless products in my house though.

Re: Switch Cellular Provider & Save Big

I used to have an AT&T pay as you go phone, and my bill was almost nothing. Then I decide to get my iPhone, and I'm paying $100 a month... Darn technology and its appeal.

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