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Small problem with Firefox's settings...but i'm not sure what to change?

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OK, the problem is that in Firefox when i click on some javascript links that are supposed to just bring up a little informative pop-up, it doesn't work. nothing happens. Which setting would that be that i need to change, and where is it? (When i do it through IE it works fine)

I also have been having problems posting pictures in this forum and a previous one. It never works for me. I follow the directions to a T. I'm thinking there's some setting that's not jiving there as well.

Any tips? Thanks!

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Re: Small problem with Firefox's settings...but i'm not ...

do you have javascript enabled? tools->options->content

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Re: Small problem with Firefox's settings...but i'm not ...
Also check to see if Firefox is blocking pop-ups from those sites. You can do this by going to Tools>Options>Content....then click on the Exceptions button next to Block pops and add whatever site you want to accept block-ups from. As for the pictures, sometimes when I'm posting, a picture won't load either. I usually just re-start my Firefox and that seems to do the trick.
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