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Sick? There's an App for That!

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Hey Dogg, this one's for you: So you can look up your symptoms of hypochondria on the go! (see other thread for joke relevance)

No, in all seriousness, you can use this app as a quick tool to look up information about medical conditions or how to respond in a serious medical situation. Though I would say as a disclaimer, if there is ever a serious medical problem taking place, instead of trying to find and log into an app on your phone you should just call 911 and they will give you over-the-phone CPR instructions and send an ambulance, etc. And if you have a serious medical condition or allergy I would wear a bracelet instead of relying on medical EMTs to look in your Apps.

I think I would just get this app (if i had an iphone, darnit) to peruse symptoms and conditions as a reference tool, but not to use in serious situations. Perhaps to refresh my memory from time to time on what to Do in serious situations.

I remember pouring over my huge fat What to Expect books when i had kiddo, learning every illness's symptoms and emergency situation's steps by heart. I would've definitely used this back then instead! Better to be prepared!

Would you use this app?

And if you're like me: you are busy, want to know what to do if a situation arises, don't have an iphone, and don't have time to attend even a free class most days: there is an online first aid and cpr site that gives you IMO great information in a clean-cut easy way. and the mayo site is a Great reference tool: has all that plus symptom-checking, descriptions of procedures and illnesses, etc.

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Re: Sick? There's an App for That!

If my mother saw this she would probably run out and buy a iphone just to have it.

This kinda reminds me of how they tell ppl to add as a contact in thier cell phones "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) and to add a phone number to that so that if there is a emergency they know who to call.

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Re: Sick? There's an App for That!
Yes! I need to do that in my phone--thanks for reminding me, SM! I will just put it in my Contacts with an * before "In Case of Emergency" so that it comes up first on my contact list. I wonder if EMTs check for that at all? It would be interesting to know. And...i found my answer and another (same answer, different source)! GREAT to know!!

Emergency responders have been trained to look for a type of medical ID card in a person's wallet or ICE information from a person's cell phone

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