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Outlook shortcuts

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Send Message
Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S
Reformat an email message to plain text
Ctrl + Shift + O
Delete Message from message window
Ctrl + D
New Contact Dialog
Ctrl + Shift + C
New Office Document
Ctrl + Shift + H
Read Warning Header
Ctrl + Insert + W
To Save Non-Email in Current Folder
Alt + S
Cancel current operation
Escape Key
Move up current level
Up Arrow
Move down current level
Down Arrow
Left Arrow
Right Arrow
go to folder
Ctrl + Y
Save to Drafts
Ctrl + S
Move to Deleted folder
Delete Key
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + D
Mark as unread or read
Ctrl + Q
Select all
Ctrl + A
Copy highlighted items/text to clipboard
Ctrl + C
Cut highlighted items/text to clipboard
Ctrl + X
Paste items/text from clipboard
Ctrl + V
Open application menu
Alt + Spacebar
Ctrl + N
Ctrl + Z
Move cursor to top of email list
Move cursor to end of email list
Move edit cursor to top in new email message window
Ctrl + Home
Move edit cursor to end in new email message window
Ctrl + End
Check Names
Ctrl + K
Move cursor to Menu Bar
Alt + or F10
Advanced Find
Ctrl + Shift + F or F3
next Window
spell check
Move directly to Inbox
Ctrl + Shift + I
Move directly to Outbox
Ctrl + Shift + O
Copy selected item(s) to a folder
Ctrl + Shift + Y
new folder
Ctrl + Shift + E
Move selected item to folder
Ctrl + Shift + V
new email message
Ctrl + Shift + M
new appointment item
Ctrl + Shift + A
new contact item
Ctrl + Shift + C
new task item
Ctrl + Shift + K
new note item
Ctrl + Shift + N
Message options
Alt + P
Open address book
Ctrl + Shift + B
Launch flag for follow up
Ctrl + Shift + G
Reply to sender
Ctrl + R
Reply to all
Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward message
Ctrl + F
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Re: Outlook shortcuts

Hey that is pretty cool. I use outlook at work so I'm sure some of these will come in handy Big Grin

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Re: Outlook shortcuts

Sweeeett, green! I use Outlook at work alot, so this is great. I'm saving a copy on my desktop. Thx, hun.


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Re: Outlook shortcuts

thanks green! i knew a few of these but not most. i also use outlook at work so this will come in handy. Smile

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