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One piercing, two piercing, 3 piercing, thousands more!

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Woman with most piercings in the world gets some more done, which now brings her grand total up to a staggering 6,005! The Brazilian born Ms. Davidson claims to not even enjoy the piercing process. She just wanted to break the world record. Which, she sure has. This is a picture of her:

My opinion on things like this is always the same- to each his own. Other people's bodies are just that- their bodies. They have the right to adorn it as they see fit. Not to say I don't find this a tad, well, extreme. And definitely gutsy. So, what do you guys think? Do you see this as a cool way to achieve world record breaking status? Or do you just find this bizarre?

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Re: One piercing, two piercing, 3 piercing, thousands more!

I could think of other world records to beat before I would do this one.

I guess to each their own but if I saw her on the streets my butt would so be crossing over. Wonder how long it takes her to get though airport security?

Did you read the article she is a nurse - can you image her walking in the hospital door at you with a needle. Wonder how many patients she has given heart attacks too. The article also said:
she has 6,005 including more than 1,500 that are "internal".
Internal - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dare I ask or wonder

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Re: One piercing, two piercing, 3 piercing, thousands more!

i am not one to judge. i couldnt do it but if this is her calling then im glad hses proud of it. i hope being a nurse and a very pierced woman, i hope she spreads knowledge about the importance of safe piercing practices.
as far as "internal" i read that too and quickly blocked out wherever my thinking was going before it got there. now im thinking funny things like her asking her surgeon to give her a little bling in her instestine as hes removing her appendix or something.

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