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So how mad would you be if you found out that your best friend rigged your bed prior to your honeymoon to send out tweets every time you had sex? Oh yeah it happened and well the tweets are posting. He evidently put a sensor under the bed that reads then tweets when the fun begins and ends. Not only that but it determines what level the "Frenzy" is. Now who is the couple and who is the friend who did this? Who knows its all done anonymously. If you would like to follow the couple you can do it HERE.

So would you be pissed or laugh over this if it was your honeymoon bed?

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Re: newlywedsontjob
ROFL oh that's hillarious!
*lol* oh i'd be embarassed for sure having it "out there" for all to see if it wasn't anonymous, but if who i get married to is, ahem, a "good match" for me then i wouldn't be embarassed about the stats themselves! Devil

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Re: newlywedsontjob

uh yeah i think i'd be a little upset over that Laughing

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Re: newlywedsontjob

WHAT IS THAT DOING UP THER!? -looks around- ummm i mean, hehe yea thats funny -chuckles uneasily- ROFL, that is hilarious,

ì╒ mÿ ¢ºMpútéΓ ßùsîÑë$$ Wa$ èa$¥, Σ√εΓyôÑé wσµ└d ßé döî∩g ï┬.
gφ┼hiç géΣk ¢Ωmpù┬é┌ ┌èPäï┌

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Re: newlywedsontjob

oh how embarassing i think i would be furious, it is kind of funny though, as long as its not done to me Laughing

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