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My latest email to Mobsters.

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There are some inconsitencies here that I don't get that I've experienced over the past 2 days regarding the fight lists and such.

Someone attacks me, so long as they're on my rival list, I can attack back. That's what I did, and it didn't matter about this lower level stuff either. I attacked someone on a slightly lower level than I was, and I kicked the living hell out of them for executing a bounty on me.

Now today, I get someone who attacks me, they don't show on my rival list from trying to execute a hit. Why is it any different if they attack on the hit list vs. the fight list? This makes no sense, and why does it only allow me to retaliate to those who got me from the fight list? is where the math doesn't make sense. Unless you're bypassing the hospital threshold, some of these lower level people with squat for an arseonl execute me. How? I have no idea. There was one guy who killed me. I creamated him 7 times in a row before I put him in the hospital. The only way he could have gotten me is if he went below my hosptial threshold, which isn't fair.

If someone is man enough to put a hit on me or attack me from trying to execute a hit, I can't retaliate? What kinda logic is that.

You my fathers old neighborhood, they had a policy on these things. He who does the job or finances it, makes no difference. You're fair game. So this is like giving some lower level person an advantage against a higher level person minding their own business and not having a means to retaliate back in like kind. So if I did, I'd kill them. So they can come after me, but I can't go after them? What kinda deal is that?

Additionally, I got an issue here with these weekly rankings. I was #12 for all of myspace. Then all of the sudden, I'm not there. Someone who gets 9 new adds is ranked in my state, and I who got close to 500 in the past 24 hours won't even show.

Now I ask you, what the hell kinda screwed up logic is that where 9 new adds is greater than a few hundred? I should be ranked for all of myspace as I know for fact I got more adds than these "ranked" people in the past 24 hours. I suspect this is some manual task in which you have to manually change a query every so often as opposed to making it completely dynamic.

Why is that?


I swear, these people don't know how to think or engineer for squat.

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Re: My latest email to Mobsters.

Well now you know why I say some of the mobster math doesn't add up. Yeah if they hitlist you only and never attack they will not show up on your rival list. Same thing if they punch you. They can punch you to death and they will never show up on the rival list. Now you can hit them back that is if their not really low (level). I had a level 5 that was making a few hundred thousand a hour and they couldn't touch her. I used her to really piss off those who had just aggravated the hell out of me. Unless they were under level 12 they couldn't touch me. I also was armed to the hilt with weapons and in the end that was my screw up. I had one mob who had a ton of lower level profiles and they basically committed suicide against my girl and leveled me up. Oh well I have 3 other profiles that are below level 5 Wink

I'm guessing the person who beat you had all of their points dumped into attack. What do you put your points into? Most of mine go into defense.

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