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My 3 issues email to Playdom.

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Uncle Freakin Joe
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First, there NEEDS to be an energy tab that runs deep.

I have several thousand strong in my mob. I went to sleep around 9 oclock. I woke up around 3 or 4 in the AM. I can do the math and figure there had to have been 100 people easy that sent me energy in that short time span alone. If I go from my computer, I know there are people I haven't returned energy too.

I need something to let me focus soley on that and ignore the other beggars and BS. They were courteous enough to give me something, I should be able to return it. I can't.

Now, they can't send me a comment to energize because it says I block comments. I used to, and I have no way to unblock them. There is a way to override that bug in invites if you send a batch out with at least one person not blocking. Why? I have no idea but someone did some patch work and put a business thing on the back end with something obsolete, and it's not working.

I have people I send friend adds too. They accept. I go to invite them. It just says the invite won't be accepted. Sometimes, it's because they're under 18, but they can send me an invite. How does that work?

I have had a few people in their 40's that I couldn't add, but they could send an invite to me. When I try to send them something, it simply says the invite couldn't be sent.

Another thing is that if something like that happens, it's one transaction. Then the captcha people are in another. If either fails, the captcha people invites go through, and then everything else gets cleared due to at least one person who I can't send an invite to for an unknown reason. It's poor transaction management, and it's hindering me from doing what I want to do in this game as effectively as I could if these things were resolved.

I also seem to have a concurrency issue when I send energy. Sometimes, stuff just freezes. Please tell me you are not binding one of those sexy .NET controls to an update command with this high volume as that doesn't work....please tell me that's not what's happening. When I send energy sometimes, if someone else is trying to, it freezes.

Did anyone think of just doing some inserts, take an aggregate, and do the shrink part later on to conserve the space? Then again, when someone sends energy, you're inserting a row anyways, so why not take aggregates of that or something along those lines to update energy instead? :-s


PS. I am versed in OOP, n-tiered architecture, VB .NET, C#, ASPX, SQL, and middleware. At some point, you guys need to break away from this 2 tiered stuff and fix that.

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Re: My 3 issues email to Playdom.

Valid points but good luck on getting them to hear. If they are making money the bottom line is they don't care. I wish you luck though.

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Re: My 3 issues email to Playdom.

yowza sounds like a pretty serious game
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