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More Facebook Changes??

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are they at it again? i used to have certain people on my page that could not see my status. so i went in tonight to add someone to the list and there was no existing lists, they're gone. all of my custom settings have disappeared, has this happened to anyone? i also cannot find a way to just add someone to a list so they cant see just my status, when i try to do that, it blocks them from my wall completely. does anyone know if they made more new changes and didnt say anything, i am so mad Frustrated or am i just losing my mind? HELP ?!?!

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Re: More Facebook Changes??

They had a thing on one of the night news about FaceBook ....

Their warning was each time Facebook changes something (anything) ~ it resets EVERYONES settings to default.
You just have to not trust Facebook and keep up on your settings, which is a pain ~ i know, but ... it will save you in the long run.
I go searching about once a week, just to see what is different, I only have a couple of "blocked" people,
but I keep them in my favorites, so if they do disappear off my list, I can very quickly re-add them.

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