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Managing your Calendar in Outlook

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When using the calendar in Outlook:
You can right click anywhere on the calendar in order to access your options. You can choose from:
-New Appointment
-New All Day Events
-New Meeting Request
-New Recurring Appointment
-New Recurring Event
-New Recurring Meeting
-Go to this day
-Go to Date
-Other Settings
-Customize current view
-Automatic Formatting
Making a New Appointment: *Note: With this option, you'll also be able to make New All Day Events; New Recurring Appointments; and New Recurring Events. Just use the toolbar of the calendar dialogue box to access any of these options.
In the toolbar of the appointment box, you will see an array of options:
-Save and Close (Saves the appointment and closes the dialogue box)
-Printer Icon (Prints out the appointment)
-Paper Clip Icon (Attaches any file you like to add to this appointment)
-Recurrence (Allows you to set the appointment on a recurring status)
-Invite attendees (Lets you choose from your Outlook address book and emails the chosen about this appointment)
-Red Exclamation (Marks this appointment as high importance)
-Blue downward arrow (Marks this appointment as low importance)
-Black X (deletes this appointment)
Right Click, choose "New Appointment”
Fill out each field.
Subject: (Names the Appointment)
Location: (Where the Appointment is taking place)
Click on the drop down menu of "Label.” Choose the label that describes the appointment.
Choose the start date/time and end date/time. You can also make this an All Day Event, and set a reminder for it. You can set the reminder up to two weeks in advance.
When you're satisfied with the details of your appointment, you can click Save and Close.
You should see the appointment on your calendar.
For New Meeting Requests: *Note: You will also be able to set New Recurring Meetings from this dialogue box as well using the toolbar.
Fill out each field for the meeting request.
To: (Click on to and add contacts from your Outlook address book)
Subject: (Can be what the meeting will be addressing)
Location: (Where the meeting is taking place)
Label: (The type of meeting it is)
Choose the start date/time and end date/time. You can also make this an All Day Event/Meeting, and set a reminder for it. You can set the reminder up to two weeks in advance.
You can also make this a recurring meeting by clicking Recurrence and choosing how often you want the meeting to occur.
When you're happy with the meeting, you can click send and it will forward this meeting request to the recipients you chose.

Great Job! You're getting use of that calendar!

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Re: Managing your Calendar in Outlook

Very nicely done Phoenix. I use Outlook at work and I like the calendar feature Smile

Re: Managing your Calendar in Outlook

Very nicely put.. I love my outlook, Everything I do or want to do is on it. I love the color coding options I have one for each child. It helps me to stay organized. ok fine, somewhat organized Smile

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