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A "job" well done

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How to stand out in a pile of hundreds of applicants?
Unless the posting calls for white 8x10 resume only- spend a few more cents per page and submit a canary or eggshell colored slightly textured resume. (For mail in or hand delivered inquiries) create a new email address that is strictly for your job seeking efforts. Use your first and last name with zip code if your name is not available. Please don't dismiss your chances by submitting a great resume with a contact email of [email protected] (you'd be surprised)
A resume is not a history of your past or a personal statement Think of your resume as a product you want to sell. Be more than a catalog of your past. A few word changes can help you stand out:
  • Work Experience- "Career Profile”
  • Volunteer Experience- "Leadership skills”
  • Computer skills- "Technical expertise”
  • Certifications- "Recognition of Excellence/Certifications” (ALWAYS make these available upon request)
Use "show” words:
  • Problem Solving
  • Organizational skills
  • Optimized
  • Developed
  • Analytical ability
  • Cost containment
Employers want to connect both specific qualities, and an organizational fit to their already established employee base. Employers will try to determine if you can blend into their already established business culture.
Research your potential company online prior to or just following your submission. Well informed and prepared applicants get the interview. You can expect a mini interview on your first received call. These tricks help you sound confident:
  • Keep a binder with tabs of each company submitted
  • Specific notes and highlighted detail of each job requirement.
  • Bullet your information for easy reference when the phone rings/ while speaking to your (possibly new) employer
Offer a contact number where you can change your voicemail to reflect your interest in their call and will respond to their inquiry. (no ringtones) Be sure to follow up timely:
Thank you for calling the voicemail of xxxx xxxxxx (first & last) I apologize that I am not able to take your call personally. I appreciate your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon
Mail same day following your - in company- interview a 3x5 professional (handwritten) Thank you card.
Attn: (name of interviewer)
Simple, short and to the point:
I appreciate your time to meet with me today.
Thank you for your consideration.
xxxxxx (first) xxxx (last)
Your name will be fresh on their mind when they receive your thank you note 1-2 days later.
Good Luck!

Add your advice in this hard job market

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Re: A "job" well done

WOW very nicely written and I agree with it all. In todays market with few jobs and my qualified applicants you have to stand out if you want to get it or be considered on the short list. Also one thing I would add is know the company that you are applying at. If you are applying at XYZ, Inc. then you need to know what XYZ, Inc is all about. Do not show up at a interview looking like you just found out that they are hiring thought the news paper or but you have no idea what that company is about you just need the job.

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