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How to use Gmail tags to make your workload easier

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Step 1 — Create labels (here's an example):
  • Pending
  • ASAP
  • Call
  • Misc
  • VIP (or add a name here)
Select Labels on menu. (type l if you have keyboard shortcuts enabled).
Select Create new
Enter name of new label
Press OK
Step 2 – Create filters
Select the items that you would like to be filtered from your inbox.
Select *filter messages like these* from the menu
Gmail will auto create the *from*
You can modify to the options available
Note- use a symbol such as @ or * at the beginning of the label for that days "to do” to be filtered to the top.
  • *Pending
  • *Urgent
  • *Call
  • *Misc.
  • *VIP (or add a name here)
Ideas: Color code with font for specific job tasks or projects for quick reference of special projects
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Re: How to use Gmail tags to make your workload easier

Ohhh I need this to help clean up my gmail - thanks for the tips

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