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How to play Mobsters (and win)

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Re: How to play Mobsters (and win)

Hey Ronny (welcome to geekdrop) Ok I was the one chatting with you on mobsters (via my other profile). I can tell you how some are getting the reaching 40 badge in one day. Some are using bots to do that. Since I don't use bots I cant really help you out there.

However some are doing it by opening a second profile after they have a established profile. See if you have a active profile now with lots of members and your getting lots of energy points now from other mobsters you can do it but it does take alot of work. With each profile you can create up to 3 mobsters (look under your "my mobster" tab

the Godfather wrote:

I've been getting a lot of requests from you guys to change your name and/or restart with a new character. Here's the answer to those requests! You can now create up to 3 Mobsters under the same account for free. Each of these Mobsters will share: favor points, mob members, and achievements. Inactive (saved) characters do not regenerate or make money, but also cannot be attacked. You can switch characters once every 60 minutes. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns regarding this feature. Thanks!

So since they share mobsters you can simply have your mobsters send energy to you which will allow you to do missions and level up faster. When you get skill points dump them all into energy. The more missions you do the faster you will level up. Once you hit level 40 within the 24 hours you will get the badge. Now all profiles share the badges so change back over to your other one and you will have the badge on that profile too.

I like taking things slow so I have never leveled up to the 40 in one day plus my main page I already have the 3 profiles so that is out. My backup profile I'm not worried about their stats as I use them for other things. The one that you were commenting on today is my puncher profile (with mega police badges) and a hitlister. I have a level 5 profile that is only there to hitlist ppl that drive me nuts on my real profile. My level 5 makes over 200k a hour. Since she is so low she can not be attacked unless your under level 5 and she cant be hitlisted unless your under level 5 and since she is over 2 bil to hitlist no one does - haha.

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Re: How to play Mobsters (and win)

Here are some tips for Level 40 in one day !

#1 First and most important is make sure you have a day where you can do this !

I spent 12 hours getting level 20 in one day. ( next time I will do #2

#2 Skip alot of time going to Level 40 by getting Favors points on your account , then after you get alot of favor points goto Switch Mobsters/Start New Mobster tab and start new character !
NOTE : it take 10 Favor points to get 10k at begining so be wise how you use favor points !
I recommend getting at least 500 or more before starting ! I did the level 20 acheivement before the top mob was out without ANY favor points so 40 should be easier with the favor points than it was for me without to 20 !
( I made it to 20 with out usig steps below but this is stuff I recommend to do and I would do to get to level 40 in one day ) once I use favor points to buy another Game slot I will try this myself ! I had the gold and then them had to make all the platinum medals !

#3 USE ALL your skill points for energy ! Invest most your money into properties NOT weapons because you need income to keep the weapons you have the rest of money in the bank (if you have two accounts you can goto #4)

#4 Ok after you have enough income from one account to manage upkeep for weapons use a level 1 or two account with low attack strenth to attack you account you want to level up or tell all you low level friends to attack you and it will give you exp everytime you win fight !

Check that you get experiance from them !

Residential Burglary mission gains you zero experiance ! (which is great for creating a Low Bounty Hunter)

USE the send energy to your advantage Fully like smartmom said ! NOTE: EACH mobster can send you 20 energy per day also you must both be in top mobs to do this !

First you send them Energy they they send you energy from their top mob then they need to log out of mobsters but not myspace and log back in and goto NEWS ONLY Tab !

Look for
NOWO has given you a boost of 10 energy! Click here to send an energy boost to NOWO and all of your Top Mobsters.

When you see that click here and tell your friends to do the same then you both will have sent each other 20 energy !

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