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How to Backup Mozilla Firefox & Flock Browsers

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Never lose a add on or favorite when you switch computers or reinstall !

MozBackup is a free utility written by Pavel Cvrcek that will automatically back up Firefox and ThunderBird as well as Netscape and the full Mozilla suite. In fact, the most recent versions will also back up Mozilla Sunbird, Flock and Spicebird.

It works like a charm - the whole process is driven by a Wizard so easy to use that even raw beginners will be able to set up automatic backups. It also offers encryption of the backup files and a complete push-button restore option.

MozBackup backs up the essential information rather than all the information in your Mozilla profile, but that's fine for most users. You can get MozBackup here: Clicky

If you only need to back up Firefox, an excellent, perhaps superior, alternative is the free FEBE Firefox extension. Initially designed for backing up extensions, it now offers the options of backing up various sections of your profile such as bookmarks, cookies, auto-complete, etc. Most importantly, it allows you to back up your entire profile just by checking a single box. Full or selective restore is available.Thanks to site visitor Anupam Shriwatri for the suggestion. FEBE is available from here: Clicky

There are also a couple of commercial utilities that will back up Firefox and ThunderBird. I've not used them but you can find details at: Clicky

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Re: How to Backup Mozilla Firefox & Flock Browsers

Cool great info. I may try out the Firefox extension one. I'm glad you posted this since my mom is getting a new pc (I think its coming in next week) for her birthday. She drools over mine (I guess she loves the lights) so I'm having one done for her birthday. Anyways now I can back up her all of her Firefox info to put on the new pc Big Grin

Which one do you use?

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